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Withdraw and deposit cash into your Amero wallet using Stellar USDC through participating MoneyGram locations. Access your money in over 180 countries quickly and easily, without the need for a traditional bank account. 

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How does it work?

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How does it work?


Cross-Border Payments, Alright! But withdraw yourcryptos to fiat Without Peer-to-Peer?

With Amero, connect with your loved ones through cross-border payments. (*A small fee may apply.) Withdraw your cryptos into SUSDC at over 350,000 locations for instant cash access. Conversion happens automatically when you withdraw cash, allowing you easy access to your funds in various cryptos.

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from anywhere in the world to Latin America

Breaking Borders, No Hidden Costs: Send and Receive Money Internationally.

Certain conditions apply. The only small fee applies when exchanging to SUSDC for fund transfers.

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You can use MoneyGram through the Amero platform to send and receive cash using your cryptocurrency balance. Simply convert your cryptocurrencies to SUSDC (Stellar USDC) within the Amero platform, then head to one of the over 350,000 participating MoneyGram locations to collect your cash.

Detailed steps to withdraw money via MoneyGram using Amero:

  1. Select the "Cash-out" button.
  2. Choose the cryptocurrency from which you will conduct the transaction. Your linked wallet will be automatically assigned.
  3. Next, select the destination currency "USDC" (Stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar).
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw or send, and you will see the equivalent amount in USDC.
  5. Press "Withdraw" and a pop-up will appear with the details to confirm the transaction.
  6. Enter your wallet PIN to authorize the transaction and proceed.
  7. Another pop-up will appear indicating that the transaction was successful if you have sufficient balance. Press "Okay" to confirm.
  8. A MoneyGram form will open. Verify that the country of withdrawal and the amount are correct. You can choose to withdraw in local currency or USD.
  9. Press "Next" and then "Confirm" on the next screen.
  10. Fill in the requested personal information such as identification, full name, date of birth, etc. Then press "Next."
  11. Review all the provided information and if it's correct, press "Submit."
  12. You will receive a reference number that you should keep to complete the cash withdrawal at the nearest MoneyGram location.

¡Perfect! With this reference number, you can go to the MoneyGram participants location, present your identification, and withdraw the money in the currency you selected.

You can find the nearest MoneyGram branch to your location using the branch locator on the MoneyGram website or through the Amero platform when completing the withdrawal form.


SUSDC is a stablecoin based on the Stellar network, designed to facilitate fast, secure, and easy payments. By converting your cryptos to SUSDC, you leverage the benefits of the Stellar network, ensuring efficient and reliable transactions. This solution was developed in collaboration with Stellar, ensuring a strong integration between cryptocurrencies and MoneyGram's global network for fast and accessible transfers worldwide.


The conversion of cryptos to SUSDC within the Amero platform is nearly instant. However, if you are converting from other cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, etc., the time will depend on network confirmations during the swap process. Once the conversion is completed, you can quickly access your funds in cash by completing the form and obtaining your reference number at any MoneyGram location.

What are the cash withdrawal options available with Amero using MoneyGram and Stellar?

With Amero, you have two cash withdrawal options available. The first option is "self cash-out," which allows you to withdraw cash yourself at a nearby MoneyGram location. The second option is "send to a friend," which enables you to send funds to a friend or family member via MoneyGram so they can collect the cash at a convenient location. Both options offer flexibility and convenience for quickly accessing your funds converted to SUSDC.